About Me

Recovering corporate attorney, native West Virginian, diplomatic (undiplomatic upon occasion) spouse, and full-time mommy to two DiploKids.

I married a 2d LT right out of university.  Followed him around.  Applied to law school.  Prepared for life in the Big Apple at a Big Firm.  Then one day, my husband announced that he was running away to join the Foreign Service.  For seven years, we juggled both careers, and even that Big Firm thing worked out pretty well, and I practiced securities and corporate law in Frankfurt and Hong Kong.  Then we got assigned to Accra, Ghana.  Ghana has 31 listed companies on a good day, so you know what happened next, right?

I get a little frustrated sometimes, but I try to keep in mind some advice that one of my law school professors gave on the last day of school:

“I’ve always lived my life thinking that if something really interesting came up and it was possible for me to do that I should just do it.”

The past several years I’ve been a stay-at-home mom, a school board member, a yoga teacher, an Assistant Refugee Coordinator, worked on intellectual property issues for the Foreign Commercial Service, and a social media professional.  I’ve traveled, run three half-marathons, baked approximately 3,245 batches of cookies, and met two Presidents and Rita Marley.

My last post was Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and I wound up back stateside in the DMV (that’s “DC-Maryland-Virginia” to anyone scratching his or her head) in summer 2018.  I miss India.  I’ve discovered Bollywood and Pav Baji, visited the Gateway of India at least 15 times, worn a sari, and saved my younger son from at least six cow attacks.  I miss Africa.  I’ve danced at a harvest festival, “backed” my younger son, and had my fortune told by a Crab Sorcerer.  I miss Hong Kong.  I’ve hiked the MacLehose trail through the New Territories, closed down a bar in Lan Kwai Fong, and sat in quiet meditation at the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas.  I miss Germany too, but not as much because I send my younger kid to a German school and I see at least one person in a Dirndl or Lederhosen every month.

I don’t really miss practicing law, but sometimes, late at night, I wake up thinking I forgot to send the most recent draft of the prospectus to the working group.



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I really had fun reading these posts. Want to clerk again? Your sense of humor and writing have both matured although both were always good. Miss you. Pictures of Diplobrats on the bulletin board.


  2. Looking forward to reading more from you.


  3. Am loving your blog! I was a diplobrat, then a diplomat, more recently a diplosouse and diplomum. Well, semi-diplo – he isn’t Foreign Office but works for one of the UK agencies and will be based at the British High Commission in Pretoria. We’ve already been to Islamabad and St Lucia as a family and before that I worked in Kingston. Anyway all my experiences led to me writing a book for expat partner’s – The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide – as I think so many people out there really don’t appreciate the impact this life can have on us. I will enjoy reading your posts, I am sure.


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